Creating quality software solutions in agile environment to achieve success. Principal Software Engineer with leadership experience driving projects and motivating teams to create great software. Adept at meeting the challenges of tight software release dates, putting in the extra effort to accomplish tasks within the scheduled timeframe. Expertly trained in agile Software Development Lifecycle practices, principles, and techniques, as demonstrated by 20 plus years of in-depth software engineering experience. Acknowledged by peers and management as a tenacious technical problem solver.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.
— Steve Jobs
  • Slashed program costs by utilizing open-source software technology stacks thus removing the reliance on license based products and maintenance support. Played key role in migrating from Oracle to open-source PostgreSQL database solution.
  • Key team member of proposal writing team addressing software methodology and past performance technical sections.
  • Member of small companies helping them grow through my reputation as a respected performance based software engineer.
  • Presented web-based solution to government customer that solved their mission monitoring and command and control deficiencies.
  • Led small teams in agile software development process.
  • Ability to visualize entire system and recommend and implement solutions.
  • A Polyglot specializing in Web-based and full-stack systems and applications.
  • TS/SCI with full-scope poly. Current and active clearance.


Principal Software Engineer - System Engineer – JIATFS Contractor, Key West, FL 2016 - Present

Lead development projects for the SOUTHCOM JIATFS Information Technology lab. Participate in the full cycle of software development process, including requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation, and support in Agile and Waterfall development environments. Provide full-stack software support.

● Led branch chief’s UI development effort and gained “high praise” from internal project members and external customers.

● Served on team to transition to a more rapid development methodology — Agile — to increase overall project efficiency and predicatively deliver a higher quality product within scheduled timeframe.

● Evaluated the site data collection system and provided solutions to increase the system query performance and usability of the user interface.

● Evaluated multiple technologies to determine “best fit” for UI development of a geo-map system. Selected AngularJS as the component driven framework, due to high-quality and easy-to- use components that were reusable.

● Identified a replacement for the Google Earth plugin and created a web-based mission tactical map utilizing the D3 javascript library and AngularJS. 

● Achieved improving the day-to- day productivity for the end users.

● Identified new technologies to create micro services to improve system design.

● Collaborated with the end-users and stakeholders. Gathered new requirements and derived software tasks, wireframe, storyboard. Created sprints following SCRUM methodology. Achieved improving the software development process.

● Utilized the Atlassian Suite of tools for JIRA issue tracking, Confluence documentation and Slack/Git for software version control.

● Incorporated Slack as a means of team collaboration.

● Designed new high performance micro services utilizing NodeJS.

● Modified existing system to utilize the modernized NodeJS RESTful services.

● Created Unit tests and test plans.

● Integrated and deployed new services via continuous integration tools.

Principal Software Engineer – Effective Software Solutions Inc., Ft Meade, MD 2011 - 2016

User Interface Technical lead designed and coded a common web-based user interfaces for Intelligence Community RF signal processing systems. Entrusted and achieved the creation of a common User Interface with a light-weight common open-source tech stack. Tasked with one high-level requirement and completed on time.

● Mentored and trained developers to use web framework to customize software.

● Achieved the creation of a User interface that combined many system capabilities allowing for one look-and- feel UI for operator/analysts.

● Saved the customer time and money in training through software solutions.

● Collaborated with customer to gather requirements and storyboard.

● Utilized the AngularJS, KendoUI and Tornado python web frameworks for rapid development and deployment.

● Integrated reusable Commercial Off-The- Shelf software.

● Incorporated D3 to provide mission-centric data visualizations for thin-client web interfaces. “Why build a table, when you can create a graph” philosophy.

● Evaluated fielded applications and worked directly with operators, analysts and engineering end users to aid in the creation of mission specific web interfaces.

● Created dynamic system resource feature diagram and grid to reflect the current state of the running hardware and mission tasking.

● Created a web-based Spectrum Analyzer view and audio playback utilizing the HTML5 graphics and audio capabilities.

● Implemented PKI and SSL and TLS protocols using openssl.

● Designed usability features that can be visualized to the user to provide for an intuitive and effective user experience.

● Created applications written in AngularJS, Javascript, Python, Postgres.

● Developed applications to control hardware GPS, receivers, PDUs and switches. This allowed users to control systems remotely and not have to travel.

● Created RESTful services using Tornado and Python.

● Collaborated with various software teams to provide reusable services. This allowed developers to focus on mission software and reduce redundancy.

● Implemented Docker to provide a provisioning and sandbox development solution for the development team.

● Utilized Continuous Integration via Jenkins to deploy and provision systems.

● Created a Django application which modeled the MySql large data set and provided RESTful service to access data.

● Solved the problem of user system access by creating an EXT/JS Web-based user interface in an environment where the customer used all thick client UIs.

Principal Software Engineer – Aegis, Columbia, MD 2008 - 2011

Prototype software engineer that programmatically interfaced with customer provided RFDF (radio frequency direction finding) circuit card assembly (CCA). Accomplished the creation of a deployable product which utilized this card and Apple iOS technologies.

● Reverse Engineered the product due to no product documentation.

● Reverse engineering of the customer's serial interface was accomplished via a structured brute force methodology.  Once the serial interface command set was determined an ARM-based single board computer (SBC) running a customized build of embedded Linux was used to communicate with the DF CCA. 

● The UI for the project was developed on an iPhone which communicated with the SBC via a Wifi connection.  This required developing a familiarity with the iPhone SDK.  A first stage prototype was delivered in less than six months. Linux development experience in C/C++ and Python.

● Designed and implemented embedded Linux server-side python application for processing of command/control/response of RF serial detection and compass serial devices.

● Implemented web service (python SOAP) to process maintenance command and control from remote clients.

● Involved with Linux (Ubuntu) operating system installation, configuration, tuning and remote maintenance of fielded systems. Prepared systems for deployment and trained end users on hardware and system software.

● Created Windows Python process controller for remote command and control of services on the embedded Windows.

● Designed and implemented web-based statistical mashup. Mashup provided for one-stop reporting of system health.

● Created utilities for remote command and control of hardware devices via telnet and Serial comms.

● Created utilities for controlling local and remote system processes.

● Provided graphical charts of system(s) heartbeats and status.

● Utilized the Apple iPhone SDK, designed and implemented an iPhone interface:

● Displayed compass direction data using a simulated compass graphic.

● Created maintenance user interface for the RF device.

● Created channel frequency selection application for filtering of data.

Principal Software Engineer – Novii Design, Columbia, MD 2007 – 2008

Responsible for providing lead software engineering support for this small startup company. Onsite performance created new business opportunities.

● Designed Latent Semantic Index query solution analysis tool.

● Development performed on the Windows .NET environment using C#. Implemented the Product solution object-Oriented Design Pattern to decouple modules and capabilities and allow for scalability of architecture.

● Provided entity extraction capability and data sanitization for analytic solution using large volumes of data.

● Sole engineer for a venture capital rapid-prototype effort utilizing the open source WS02 SOA web service architecture with Ajax and Spring framework.

● Created a workbench mashup solution utilizing Ajax for the user interface, with a Spring layer communicating to the WSO2 SOA services

● Provided visual plugin capabilities for displaying social networks and data analysis via spider, heat, and geo-spatial maps.

● Created framework that allowed for quick mashup and plugin creation of various services and components for agile development and quick time to market.

● Presented demo to the CEO of our main customer, which created a new business area for the company.

● Developed prototype from scratch in approximately 8 weeks.

● Improved the customer’s product and marketability.

Principal Software Engineer – Henggeler Computer Consultants, Columbia, MD 2002- 2007

Provided research and prototyping engineering support for Signals Development group. Achieved the creation of a data perspective tool of which exceeded users’ expectations

● Created a Business Intelligent User Interface solution for signal development mission analysts.

● Created a very rich and thin user interface client using Ajax technologies.

● Senior member of 3-man team that stood up an entire task in 2 months -- one year ahead of schedule.

● Converted legacy databases into a common model schema for presenting data via various analytical views of the

Meta data using MarkLogic and Xquery tools.

Principal Software Engineer – Independent Software Consultant, NSA, Ft. Meade, MD 1995 - 2002

Provided Software Engineering services to a government agency. Original team member that designed the system for

research prototype effort. A major achievement was the creation of a front-end user interface which allowed for remote


● Experienced with custom Linux server construction from scratch.

● Created a multi-gigabyte DB based on the Informix C-ISAM library.

● This prototype solved a major problem and quickly became operational.

● Created API and data management tools utilizing PERL and C.

● Administered Web portal via Apache Proxy server.

● Created User Interface to view large data written in Java using Swing tools.

● Created Back-end processing using Java Servlets, Jserv, and Fast-CGI.

Software Engineer – Various commercial and Intelligence Community contracts. 1986 - 1995

Provided software engineering development lifecycle support.